Visionary Things:

High Fire Glazes: Dusty Rose, Set of 6, Autumn Leaf, Frosted Turquoise, Black, lots of other high fire colors on or
- AMACO low fire glazes, Textured Amber Brown,
- Ceramic textures (scale/wood grain pack)
- Ceramic textures/molds (leaves, sea shells, fruits, floral, borders)
- dirt/potting soil
- grass seed (wheat, rye, oat)

- Rhinestone Double Row ear cuff (silver and gold)
- Celtic ear cuff chain (2x)
- Rose ear cuff (2x)
- Hanging feather 1 ear cuff
- 2 set hanging feather ear cuffs

Disney volume 1
Disney volume 2
Disney volume 3
Disney Fairy Tale Wedding

- gift cards to Ross, Kohls,, Walmart (always a good idea!)
- La Sirena Mermaid

Guinea Pig Fan Stuff:
- Go Green T-Shirt (large) (So sweet!)
- Goodies, supplies, and toys for Heathy and Lenny
- Walmart gift card so I can buy piggie supplies
- anything yummy for my pigs!

Royal Albert Collection:
Currently I have enough for 8 people, however, I do believe that I will need more due to the large size of my family. See me for details.
Royal Albert 12 piece set
Royal Albert 20 piece set


Put money aside till I have a place of my own and can really buy what I want and have a place to keep it.

Save for Later:
- Bulbs: Tulip Monsella, Siberian Squill, Glory of the Snow, Tulip Angelique,
Pocahontas soundtrack
- playpen with mat (to protect my pigs from those vicious kittens)
- Guinea Pig License Plate
- Obey the Guinea Pig Sticker
Ivy Stand, Planter C, Planter D,
- garden fountain (solar powered)

LTD Commodities:
Solar Mosaic Bird Feeder: Blue 609136-7SMR-BLU
Sets of 2 Spring Garden Seed Mats: Butterfly and Hummingbird Mat 603071-2GND-BTF
Drop and Grow SeedBlallz: Hummingbird/Butterfly 600091-3DAA-HMB (there are other choices that are also pretty)
80 Light Solar String Lights: butterfly 612143-BTF
Set of 2 Color-Changing Solar Lanterns: 612120-6LNZ
Solar Lighted Trios: Frogs 603086-OZJT-FRG, Pigs 603086-OZJT-PIG, or Turtles 603086-OZJT-TRT (preference in that order)
Decorative Solar Lighted Water Stake 603021-7DWS
Decorative Solar Lanterns: Green 603038-1L3L-GRN, Blue 603038-1L3L-BLU, or Pink 603038-1L3L-PNK (preference in that order)
Frog with Solar Fireflies 603103-3FGO
Set of 24 Butterfly Stakes 603105-8S6A (I love the ones I have and would like more!)
Solar LED Bloom Branches: White 603123-1SBB-WHT or Pink 603123-1SBB-PNK (preference in that order)
Solar Color-Changing Wind Chime 603126-4W4Y

Plant Chandelier 6001358PCC (have to wait on this item till I have more space)